About Us

Disruption 2020 features graduates across the majors of Animation & Game Design, Creative Advertising & Graphic Design, Digital Design, and Illustration. Our time at Curtin University has not been without disruption, having spent the bulk of first semester fully online during the pandemic lockdown. The return to campus was a momentous occasion for us final year students. It only served to shift our beautifully warped minds into even more creative territory. Friendships were formed, nicknames were earned, and skills were refined.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the support of the Graduates Staff Committee, Curtin University, our families, friends, pets, and baristas. It is with unreserved joy and satisfaction that we present our portfolios to industry.

Our Values


Create a graduating cohort that is comfortable and confident working with each other on industry projects beyond graduation.


Be passionate about user experience, and express a genuine commitment to the various design disciplines.


Be honest about capabilities, intentions, and sudden realisations; allowing others ample time to accept and adjust to hiccups without stress.


Proactively seek opportunities for both confident and introverted members to contribute, practicing patience to ensure that no member is isolated within their role.



Cheryl Owyong - Treasurer

Frankie Alarkon - Treasurer


Jess Brown - Lead Graduate Liaison

Naomi Gunton - Graduate Liaison

David Menzies - Discord Owner

Francis Villarba - Trello Owner

Identity Design

Will Scott - Graphic Designer


Jess Brown - Creative Director

Francis Villarba - Photographer/Vetting

Justin Ha - Photographer/Vetting

Luke Fordham - Props/Equipment

Tommy Woodward - Post Production

Will Stanway - Photographer/Lenses

Mike Hall - Forms


Tom Brennan - Owner

Will Scott - Content Designer

Naomi Gunton - Content Strategy

Chloe Spence - Admin

Frankie Alarkon - Admin

Millie Radesich - Admin

Animation Leads

Michael Marcus - Coordinator

Dung Nguyen - Coordinator


Harry Fellows - Lead Showreel Producer

Michael Marcus - Lead Showreel Producer

Winston Foo - Editor

Dung Nguyen - Editor

Kirsty Heiner - Editor

Brandon Doray - Editor

Jen Doman - Editor

Showreel Bumpers

Angeline Nguyen - GD Bumper

James Williamson - AGD Bumper

David Godsell - DD Bumper

Kirsty Heiner - ILL Bumper

Lisa Gojak - Bumper Assist


Naomi Gunton - Lead Copywriter

Chloe Spence - Copywriter

Jess Brown - Copywriter

Sarah Phonemyint - Copywriter

Tom Brennan - Copywriter

Testing & Quality Assurance

Harry Fellows - Lead Tester

Tom Brennan - Lead Tester

Daniel Westbrook - Website Tester

Nathan Cowley-Cooper - Website Tester

David Menzies - UX Tester

Alice Kim - General Tester

Angeline Nguyen - General Tester

Bruce Qian - General Tester

Cheryl Owyong - General Tester

David Godsell - General Tester

Emily Mee - General Tester

Genesis Radovan - General Tester

James Williamson - General Tester

Jesse Bryant - General Tester

Kirsty Heiner - General Tester

Lachlan Robertson - General Tester

Lisa Gojak - General Tester

Luc-Lang Nguyen - General Tester

Michael Marcus - General Tester

Naomi Gunton - General Tester

Patricia Yu - General Tester

Robin McMahon - General Tester

Scott Bell - General Tester

Soomin Koh - General Tester

Winston Foo - General Tester

Yong Low - General Tester

Product Managers

Naomi Gunton - Lead Product Manager

Sarah Phonemyint - Product Manager

Website Coders

Daniel Westbrook - Frontend Developer/Lead

Francis Villarba - Backend Developer/Lead

James Berry - Frontend Developer

Luke Fordham - Frontend Developer

Nathan Cowley-Cooper - Frontend Developer

UX Designers

David Menzies - Lead UX Designer

Cheryl Owyong - UX Designer

Frazer Childs - UX Designer

Gaby Ortiz - UX Designer

Justin Ha - UX Designer

Marcelo Vilches - UX Designer

Millie Radesich - UX Designer

Soomin Koh - UX Designer

Tommy Woodward - UX Designer

Bruce Qian - UX Designer


Lee Ingram

Teaching Staff

Animation & Game Design

Jonathan Pillai - Major Coordinator

Frank Gaschk - Teaching Staff

David Keep - Sessional Staff

Sky Ogden - Sessional Staff

Peter Ryan - Sessional Staff

Cameron Whiting - Sessional Staff

Digital Design

Joel Louie - Major Coordinator

Chantelle White - Sessional Staff

Daniel Brouse - Sessional Staff

Wilson Wong - Sessional Staff

Creative Advertising
& Graphic Design

Lee Ingram - Major Coordinator

Stephanie Hampson - Teaching Staff

Dr. John Henry Martin - Teaching Staff

Dr. Jo Li Tay - Teaching Staff

Tom Benson - Sessional Staff

Becky Chilcott - Sessional Staff

Leah Dent - Sessional Staff

Juliette Dujardin - Sessional Staff

Josh Edge - Sessional Staff

Jade Foo - Sessional Staff

Danielle Glenister - Sessional Staff

Steve Makse - Sessional Staff

Daniel McKeating - Sessional Staff

Nora Mironov - Sessional Staff

Dipesh Prasad - Sessional Staff

Yolanda Stapleton - Sessional Staff

Kristian Stevens - Sessional Staff

Marcus Taylor - Sessional Staff

Scott Weir - Sessional Staff

Catherine Wilkinson - Sessional Staff

Giselle Woodley - Sessional Staff

Photography & Illustration Design

Dr. Toni Wilkinson - Major Coordinator

Dr. Michael Gray - Teaching Staff

Eddie Resera - Teaching Staff

Jacqueline Ball - Sessional Staff

Holly Fox - Sessional Staff

Dr. Kirsten Hudson - Sessional Staff

Samantha Hughes - Sessional Staff

Gregor MacGregor - Sessional Staff

Louise Mucciarone - Sessional Staff

Paul Sutherland - Sessional Staff

Master of Design

Dr. Philip Ely - Course Coordinator

Acknowledgment of Country

We, the 2020 graduates acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar peoples as the traditional owners of the land on which we have studied. We pay our deepest respects to their Elders; past, present, and emerging.